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 The Richmond Rag - 1908 - 2:03
Composed By MayAufderheide
Sequenced By Colin D. MacDonald
Edited By Greenfield Bowie
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Structure: Introduction AA B CC B 
Primary Reference: Women Composers of Ragtime compiled and introduced by Carolynn A. Lindeman published by Theodore Presser Company, Bryn Mawr, Pennslyvania 19010
Other: None
Comments: None
Changes Made To Source Reference:
  • Measure 39 RH: Change quarter note chord to eighth note chord.
  • Measure 41 RH: Changed tied notes to Eb octave from E natural - Eb.
  • Measure 46 LH: First quarter note chord changed to eighth note chord.
  • Measures 60 and 76 RH: G natural in first chord changed to F natural.
  • Measures 66 and 82 RH: Change rhythm from [(1/8), (1/8), (1/8), (dotted 1/8)] to {(1/8), (1/8), (1/16), (dotted 1/8)]
  • Measure 84 LH: Eb in last chord changed to E natural.
  • Measure 86 RH: Added Bb to 2nd chord. See measure 38.
  • Measure 88 RH: Change both chords to eighth note chords.
  • Measure 96 RH: Bb added to second chord. See Measure 48.