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 Possum And Taters - 1900 - 2:50
Composed By Charles Hunter
Sequenced By Colin D. MacDonald
Edited By Greenfield Bowie
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Structure: Introduction AA BB CC A B
Primary Reference: Classic Piano Rags selected and with an introduction by Rudi Blesh published by Dover Publications Inc., 31 East 2nd Street, Mineola, N. Y. 11501
Other: None
Comments: The score is prefaced by a setting of the scene: "Just after the first severe frost in the Fall...the persimmons are full ripe and the possums are all fat ...possum hunts are of nightly occurrence...sweet potatoes are an invariable ...accompaniment to a possum feast...always an occasion for a general gathering and great rejoicing. The title was suggested by the composer's having been a witness at one of these joyful occasions"
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