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Peace and Plenty Rag - 1919 - 2:59
Composed By James Scott
Sequenced By Colin D. MacDonald
Edited By Greenfield Bowie
File Name: peacepln Zip/Unzip Size: 8/20 Added 12Nov99 Last Updated N/A
Structure: Introduction AA BB A Trio-Introduction  CC Interlude C
Primary Reference: Classic Piano Rags selected and with an introduction by Rudi Blesh published by Dover Publications Inc., 31 East 2nd Street, Mineola, N. Y. 11501
Other: None
Comments: None
Changes Made To Source Reference:
  • [1-1-1/#1] through [1-1-5] : Lower notes in right hand (i.e., those with "flag" pointing up) played by left hand.
  • [1-3-5/#20 and #36] RH: Rhythm changed in order to avoid "bunching". The tie continuation note was changed from 8th note to 16th note. Last note changed from 16th note to 8th note.
  • [1-1-4/#4] LH: G in last chord not played.  Chord could be played arpeggio but sounds "muddy".
  • [1-4-5/#42 and #58] RH: Top note of 1st chord lowered to G in order to make chord an octave.  Compare with [1-5-6/#50].
  • [1-6-2/#53] RH: Lower note of 3rd chord raised from G to A.  Compare with lead in measure to this strain: [1-3-7/#37].
  • [2-2-1/#80] RH: Second chord changed from E-C#-F to Eb-C-F#; C# in 3rd chord changed to C natural.
  • [2-2-5/#84] RH: D# in last chord lowered to D natural.
  • [2-2-5/#84] LH: F natural raised to G natura in 3rd chord.