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 Oh, You Devil - 1909 - 3:42
Composed By Ford T. Dabney
Sequenced By Colin D. MacDonald
Edited By Greenfield Bowie
File Name: ooyoudevl Zip/Unzip Size: 6/17 Added 27Oct96 Last Updated 04Jun97
Structure: Introduction-1 AA BB A CC'' Introduction-2 AA Coda 
Primary Reference: Ragtime Gems selected and with an introduction by David A. Jasen published by Dover Publications Inc., 31 East 2nd Street, Mineola, N. Y. 11501
Other: All American Ragtime Volume Two published by Creative Concepts Publishing Corp., 154 E. El Roblar Dr., Box 848, Ojai, CA 93023; 101 Rare Rags Selected By Richard Zimmerman published by Richard Zimmerman, 15522 Ricky Ct., Grass Valley, CA 95949
Comments: None
Changes Made To Source Reference:
  • Measures 4 and 5 LH: Clef changed from treble to bass to remove dissonance. Playing the lower staff as written requires player to cross hands.
  • Measure 5 LH: G natural octave raised one octave.
  • Measures 38 and 54 RH: G natural in second chord changed to F#. Following F natural remains natural.
  • Measures 39 and 55 RH: Tied notes observed between 3rd and 4th chords.
  • Measures 72 and 73: tie added between measures
  • Measure 73 LH: D added to 3rd beat.
  • Measure 76 LH: lower C removed from 1st beat.
  • Measure 77 LH: note on 3d beat changed from quarter note to 8th note.
  • Measure 84 LH: lower C removed from 1st beat
  • Measure 105 RH: A in 2nd chord changed to C.
  • Measure 108 RH: Tied G natural in second chord changed to G#.
  • Measure 109 RH: In last chord, G# changed to G natural.
  • Measure 111 RH: change D to B in next to last set of notes.
  • Measure 113 RH: B natural in 2nd chord (i.e. following tied notes) changed to Bb.
  • Measure 137 LH: Change octave in 3rd beat to G