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 Levee Revels - 1898 - 4:00
Composed By William Christopher O'Hare
Sequenced By Colin D. MacDonald
Edited By Greenfield Bowie
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Structure: Introduction Vamp AA BB Vamp CC DD EE
Primary Reference: Ragtime Rediscoveries selected and with an introduction by Trebor Jay Tichenor published by Dover Publications Inc., 31 East 2nd Street, Mineola, N. Y. 11501
Other: All American Ragtime Volume Two published by Creative Concepts Publishing Corp., 154 E. El Roblar Dr., Box 848, Ojai, CA 93023
Comments: I originally reported that Mr. O'Hare was from Shreveport, Louisiana. This is not correct. The correction to this statement as well as the following information was provided by his great-grand-daughter, Sue (O'Hare) Attalla.

"By the way, the comment on your site that William Christopher O'Hare was from Shreveport is only partially--accurate although I know it appears in Trebor Tichenor's Ragtime Rediscoveries. Actually, my great grandfather was from Washington, DC and lived in Shreveport just a few years during his early career as he was trying to carve out a name in the ragtime world. True, he was there when he composed "Levee Revels," but he later spent most of his career in New York City while doing arrangements for Witmark, serving as a cathedral organist, etc. My dad, William Owen O'Hare, recalls visiting his grandfather there as a child and being shown the various places where he worked."

Mrs. Attalla also reports that Levee Revels has been recorded by Frank French and by Black Swan Classical Jazz Band. Another of Mr. O'Hare's compositions, The Sand Dancers, has been recorded by Elliott Adams on a Stomp Off recording. At least two of his pieces ("Plantation Pastimes" and "The Cotton Pickers") were accepted by John Philip Sousa. He also did arranging for Victor Herbert. Mrs. Attalla also points out that the cover of Levee Revels credits Mr. O'Hare as the composer of  "The Awakening Of Venus," and "Heliobas."

He became a leading arranger for the Witmark Music Co.

Changes Made To Source Reference:

  • Measures 132 and 152 RH: F natural in last chord changed to F#.