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 The Climbers- 1911 - 2:35
Composed By ArthurSizemore
Sequenced By Colin D. MacDonald
Edited By Greenfield Bowie
File Name: climbers Zip/Unzip Size: 6/17 Added 27Oct96 Last Updated 04Jun97
Structure: Introduction AA BB A CC 
Primary Reference: Ragtime Rarities selected and with an introduction by Trebor Jay Tichenor published by Dover Publications Inc., 31 East 2nd Street, Mineola, N. Y. 11501
Other: None
Comments: The cover of this rag had photos of the 1911 St. Louis Cardinal baseball team.
Changes Made To Source Reference:
  • Measures 6, 14, 22, and 30 RH: G# grace note was not allowed to modify G naturals in rest of measure.The grace note should have been printed as Ab (see measures 70 and 78 in the repeat of the A Strain).
  • Measures 8, 16, 14, 32, 72, and 80 RH: The two quarter notes were changed to sixteenth notes.
  • Measures 11 and 27 RH: Second B natural changed to Bb. See Measure 75.
  • Measures 38 and 54 LH: Top note in second chord changed from D natural to Eb to remove dissonance and match with measures 40 and 56
  • Measures 45 and 61 RH: Last chord accented to compete with loud bass.
  • Third repeat of A Strain removed - repeat notation is a printing error.
  • Measures 89 and 105 LH: Last octave changed form G natural to Gb to reduce dissonance.
  • Measures 90, 98, 106, and 114 LH: All Ab notes changed to A natural to match A natural in RH.
  • Measures 93 and 109 LH: The Db octave changed to D natural to match the right hand.
  • Measures 97 and 113 LH: A natural octave changed to Ab octave to eliminate dissonance.
  • Measures 97 and 113 LH: First octave changed to match measure 89 and 105