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If you don't use Cakewalk software, you may wish to skip this page!

Cataloging Features: The midi files were sequenced with Cakewalk software. Many of Cakewalk's cataloging features have been used and are listed below.


Timebase.... The Time base has been set to 120 ticks per quarter note.

If you save you may lose.... If you save these files with other than Cakewalk Pro, some of the features may be lost.

Short Tutorial On Cakewalk... This is a short guide on how to navigate Cakewalk to play files and inspect various windows in Cakewalk.

1. If you have Cakewalk Pro, the Information Section comes up automatically. This will let you view the information identified at the beginning of this page.

2. Select  okay to go to the track section if the Cakewalk didn't originally open to this section.

3. On the menu, you only need to work with three options:

Pretty Much By The Book.... The sequencing is pretty straight forward. Limited use is made of the pedal feature, legato is used sparingly, and the note duration is usually 2/3 of the time base (for example, quarter notes usually receive 80 ticks). Variations from the printed scores are either a correction for a perceived error on the part of the printer or more usually - my error.

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